Monday, January 11, 2010

Please continue the good work !

Separuh lagi orang Melayu yang belum sedar terutama kaum wanita yang sering dipanggil kaum ibu di kawasan luar bandar dan di tanah-tanah rancangan. Ramai juga yang masih sanggup kata macam-macam kepada PAS kerana sayangnya mereka kepada UMNO, yang kata Dr Mahathir, UMNO busuknya telah sampai ke usus !

Oleh itu sedar-sedarlah wahai orang Melayu. Buangkanlah jiwa sentimental yang menganggap UMNO adalah segala-galanya buat orang Melayu dan Islam ! Lihat pandangan bukan Islam terhadap PAS yang ditulis oleh seorang yang menamakan dirinya Collin.

Dear En Zulkifli Sulong,

Greetings and I wish to congratulate HarakahDaily for presenting the truth, which is so lacking in the mainstream media today. As an apolitical Malaysian, I feel proud again that we do have true and brave leaders such as our PAS leaders who are real Malaysians (and not an ultra racist or extreme religious group).

We do not need all the rhetoric and lip serviced unity slogans but yet in reality, disharmony is being promoted day in and day out using normal media and invisible hands. Before the year 2000, most of us non Muslims had the impression that PAS is an extremist religious party but due to the internet, we are now able to read, see and experience what PAS is really about.

I am pleasantly surprised and impressed by the religion of Islam that is being portrayed by PAS these days which is clearly so tolerant and moderate and no doubt, acceptable by all Malaysians.

I am becoming more interested in the Islam taught by PAS which means Religion of Peace. PAS leaders especially our beloved Tuan Guru is my hero. In my view, PAS could educate more non Muslim Malaysians through your paper on the wonderful religion of Islam it really is which shows deep respect for all human beings irrespective of race, religion, colour or creed.

I also find it very enlightening to read the speeches made by the top echelon PAS leaders and as a chinese, I would be so proud if my future Prime Minister is a PAS leader like Tuan Guru who embodies all the qualities that make all of us feel united as a nation and one people again like in the old days of our first Prime Minister, Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

Please continue to continue the good work for the country and I wish you all the best. Will pray for our country which is definitely going down at the rate things are being manipulated by certain quarters.

If I were to join any party today you can assure it will be PAS! May our great God bless all the wonderful people in HarakahDaily and PAS.

Thank you.

Kindest wishes,

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